Before Walter Plecker we were called Indians.

Before Columbus we were just people living on our own ancestral land.

Now they call us Black and participate in cultural  GENOCIDE.

We are restoring our true identities.

We have the right to be seen and heard.

​Racism will no longer be used as a weapon to silence us.

Indigenous Peoples United
Recognized Nation of peoples
It's about recognizing our ancient Bloodline not bureaucracy.

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We wish you well in your journey to discover that which has been hidden.

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​​​​Indigenous Peoples United Decolonization

Article 1 Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collective or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights law.

un decolonization, decolonizing the mind summary,Indigenous Peoples United Decolonization

Translated text of the video title.
The Journey of Life shows how Brazil was before the discovery.

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Through colonization lands, gold, resources and Identities has been stolen.


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​Picture below is an Ancient Siberian

​Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Click below for an example of how indigenous peoples were labeled colored

Excerpt below is from the book titled

The Only Land They Knew American Indians In The Old South wriiten by J Leitch Wright Jr

Introduction by James H. Merrel.

Indigenous communities

There is an old saying a divided house will always fall, We are many Indigenous Peoples United as one with the aim to live free from threats and harm while we live upon our ancestral lands.

Mission Statement

Top row shows an Ancient American archealogist named Naia.

Bottom row shows her modern phenotype ie descendant commonly referred to after colonization as "Black", "African American", Afro Latina, Afro Carribean etc.

Our Mission is to support the implementation of The United Nations Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

And The American Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples


While monitoring it's implementation.




The Survival of Indigenous Peoples is directly linked to their children. 

Chumash Indian artifacts in a museum.

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***One voice can be heard but 1,000 makes a mighty ROAR***


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Pre-Historic peoples of America BEFORE the Mongoloid arrived we are still here we never died...

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Moche culture necklace from Peru

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Ancient American

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